Kubb Empire


Kubb Empire was inspired by a casual game at a brewery outside of Austin, TX. A group of strangers playing in the field saw our curiosity and showed us the ropes.

​One of the best things about Kubb is that you can play with as many as 12 or as few as 2 players. It lends itself well to days at the park and tailgating for the big game! A healthy round of Kubb is a great way to get your friends together and out under the sun.

After a while we realized that not enough people have this game in their lives! So we started Kubb Empire to build high quality, tournament size, hardwood Kubb sets packaged to travel. Our hope is to bring the game of Kubb to as many household game arsenals as possible!

​We are committed to serving our customers and continuously improving our products as we expand our selection.